Decade Da Maad Imperial


A1 – R U Scared KiId ? (Murder Mix)
A2 – Harvey Better Panic ! (Madd Glorious)
A3 – Thalamus Bless Pt 1 (Tape Version Unreleased 1997)

Side B:
B1 – Can You Feel It (Madd Feel)
B2 – Harvey Better Panic ! (Radio Real)
B3 – Thalamus Bless Pt 2 (Tape Version Unreleased 1997)

Recorded between 1995-1997, featuring 2 unreleased tracks. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York.Founder and member of group Decade & The Wicked, consisted of two brothers Allen and Brian Harris(Decade & Bee Danger).
Formed 1990 disbanded 1997. Bee Danger now in Soulz Unda Pressure and brother Decade “Da Madd Imperial” now a solo artist.

Limited to 200 copies.

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